Terms & Conditions


Check-in time is from 2pm. We allow guests to arrive earlier and we can store any luggage until the room is ready. Check-out time is prior to 10am - later departure times can be arranged, subject to availability, however applicable day-use charges or an additional night’s fee may also apply.


Our standard cancellation policy requires reservation cancellations or changes to be advised to us by 2pm, AEDT, 48 hours prior to arrival. Any cancellations thereafter will incur a charge of the first nights’ accommodation package cost.
If you book a non-refundable accommodation package you will not be refunded under any circumstances.

For peace of mind we recommend you ensure you have appropriate travel insurance.

No show policy

Failure to arrive on the date specified will result in the cancellation of your booking and may incur a charge equal to the first nights’ accommodation package cost.

Credit card authorisation

Moss Hotel pre-authorises all credit cards on check-in to check for validity and sufficiency of funds. The accommodation charges will be charged to the guest's Credit Card 48 hours ahead of arrival. Pre-authorised cards are held as security for your reservation and may be utilised by the hotel for any applicable charges, including cancellation and no-show fees. In addition to the cost of the room, a $100AUD security deposit may be required upon check-in; this is set aside by the credit card company and may affect the available funds balance or spending limit. In the instance where a valid credit card cannot be provided, we will require the deposit can be supplied in cash for $300AUD per night.

Incidentals policy

Where the accommodation charges are paid for by a booking agency a guest's valid credit card must be presented upon check-in and may be pre-authorised to cover additional room charges and minibar consumption, plus $100 a night for incidentals.

Credit card surcharge

Moss Hotel does not charge any fees on credit card transactions – however, we reserve the right to do so.

Minimum length of stay

A minimum length of stay may apply during high demand or special event periods, as determined by Moss Hotel. If you reserve a room over such dates (as per the reservation terms and conditions) you agree to stay for the required minimum nights. Any changes or cancellations (within the cancellation period) are subject to a penalty and may result in the forfeiting of any pre-payments.

Photo identification

Valid photo identification (ID) matching the name of the main guest within the reservation must be presented at time of check-in. This is required in order to verify your identity for hotel security purposes and to protect the credit cardholder. A valid Australian driver's license, Australian issued proof of age card or an international passport are all acceptable forms of photo identification. This ID may be copied and securely stored as record that we have verified who you are and your authority to use your credit card as a combat to increasing credit card fraud. As per our privacy policy, any personal information contained on the collected identification will not be on-sold; will be securely stored and carefully disposed of at the end of its usefulness.


The rates quoted are based on your period of stay. Rates are subject to change as a result of changes in your arrival and / or your departure dates. Rates quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of 10% goods and services tax (GST).

Smoking policy

Moss Hotel is 100% smoke free. Failure to comply may result in a penalty charge at the discretion of the Management.

Additional person charges

Standard occupancy is two persons per room. Additional nightly fees apply for reservations with more than two adults. An adult is defined as an individual 18 years of age and older.

Car parking

Guests acknowledge that when being presented with their car parking pass and car parking instructions that they understand that they are only to use the numbered space allocated to them by Moss Hotel and that at all times they must display the Moss Hotel car parking authorisation notice on their car dashboard. The guest agrees to be held responsible for any parking infringement notice issued to them during their stay at Moss and they understand that Moss Hotel will not be held liable for any fines or infringement notices issued.

Electronic or other sign-in at Moss Hotel

Moss Hotel provides all guests on arrival with a contactless sign-in using a scan code linked to the hotel’s Terms and Conditions of stay as outlined above and on the Terms and Condition web link provided. By using this form of sign in (or any other form of sign in as presented by Moss Hotel) the guest confirms that they have read the Term and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Debt Recovery

Should Moss Hotel be required to recover any outstanding debt from any guest, the guest(s) acknowledges the right of Moss Hotel to recover both the debt and any costs associated with its recovery.

Bicycle Storage

Moss Hotel is unable to allow any bicycles to be brought into the hotel or stored or kept anywhere within the Hotel premises. Guests must make their own bike storage and security arrangements outside of the Hotel. There will be no exceptions to this condition. Additional charges may apply if a guest is found to be disregarding this condition.


For time-to-time Moss Hotel may send our past guests information relating to up-coming Moss Hotel 'special rates' or 'deals' the Hotel proposes to offer. These will be sent by way of email to the guest's nominated email address. The guest may unsubscribe at any stage.